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A Glimpse Of Tzohar

Each person is blessed with vast capabilities and talents unique only to him. However, it is only with a warm and nurturing environment that these qualities can be realized, especially for those among us who have special needs.

At Tzohar, we provide services to over 1,200 children and adults with various challenges. Each individual is given a customized education plan mapped out specifically for them, so that they are motivated and capable of attaining their personal goals. We utilize cutting-edge technology as well as innovative therapies to assist our children in maximizing their potential and ensuring that they enjoy the happiest and most productive lives possible.

There are 12 special education centers within the Tzohar network all throughout Israel. We service children from early childhood through adolescence. Additionally, Tzohar has community housing as well as work training and employment opportunities to accommodate the adult special needs community.

The goal at Tzohar is to enrich the inner world of the special child, and we take pride in the success of our children. The common thread that links all the children at Tzohar is their belief that they are capable, worthwhile, and are making a difference.