About Us

Tzohar was born in 1986 from the efforts of Daniel Fisher to facilitate his own special-needs son. In his wisdom, Mr. Fisher partnered with Rabbi Moshe Tanami who undertook to house the new program on the campus of Girls’ Town Or Chadash in Rechasim, which is situated in the upper Galilee of Israel. However, after only 8 months of developing the curriculum and program, Mr. Fisher suddenly passed away leaving his monumental life’s accomplishment in the hands of Rabbi Tanami.Much growth and development has been achieved by the dedicated and talented staff of Tzohar since its humble beginnings 30 years ago. Tzohar has grown from the one classroom school in a different institutions building, to a multi-complex campus in Rechasim, as well as several other sites located all across Israel. Tzohar currently services upwards of 1200 students whose challenges include but are not limited to disabilities in communication, language, learning, behavior, motor skills, developmental cognitive disabilities, and autism.

Tzohar has earned its illustrious reputation as a leader in the field of special education, due to its unique method of operation. Tzohar has made it their mission to maximize each student’s potential and provide them with a most enjoyable life. To achieve this goal, each student is evaluated and then a custom fit habilitation program is constructed for the individual. Tzohar is known to invest large amounts of time and money to implement any form of therapy that would be beneficial to even one child.

Tzohar utilized cutting edge technology as well as natural resources to implement a large range of innovative and highly effective therapies. Some of the therapies used are the revolutionary snoezelen sensory room, aqua therapy in our Olympic size pool, animal therapy with both household pets and farm animals, and music therapy using instruments or recorded music and beats.

The professional staff at Tzohar are continuously researching and developing new ways to help the students maximize their success. Because of the personal level of devotion and commitment to their students, each milestone reached by a child is a shared accomplishment between student and therapist. The positive environment which is cultivated at Tzohar breeds a genuine relationship between the students and staff and encourages further success.

Adult day-hab at Tzohar takes on the form of self-contained work center. The workers produce and package the products, all the while acquiring new skills. The products are of the highest standard and are sold in boutiques and gift shops. One of products produced by Tzohar is specialty table salt. They feature a variety of flavors and packaging types creating an attractive collection. The pride and feelings of accomplishment that the workers develop are invaluable and help to build their self-worth.

In addition to the multiple day habilitation and educational programs which Tzohar operates, we also have community living facilities where the residents gain a sense of independence and productivity. They are taught to be self-sufficient while simultaneously living together as a family unit. Each occupant of a group home is vetted carefully before they are placed in a home to ensure that all of the residents are of similar functionality so that they will mesh as a cohesive unit and complement each other’s progress.

In biblical times, when Noah was commanded by G-d to build an ark to protect his family and animals, he was instructed to add a window which would provide light for those living inside. In Hebrew, this special window is called a “Tzohar”. The Tzohar was their means of maintaining contact with the outside world for the duration of their stay in the ark.

As much as Tzohar Halev provides the window of opportunity for these special people, they in turn are a beacon of light shining through to the world.