Our Staff


Rabbi Yisrael Kurnik,
CEO Tzohar Halev Institutes

Avi Kurnik,
Director of Public Relations

With a degree in business management, and nine years of experience as a bank loans manager, Avi Kurnik brings his knowledge and expertise of the business world to Tzohar. Avi is an integral part of the development and growth at Tzohar Halev. He serves as a liaison to the government education bureaus and ensures that Tzohar is constantly in compliance with all of the laws and requirements. Avi also acts as a spokesperson on behalf of the Tzohar children to advocate for them and arrange for them to receive the best services possible.
Avi was born and raised in Haifa, and currently resides in Jerusalem with his wonderful wife Chana and their four beautiful daughters.


Yossi Barr,
Director of Development

Rabbi Moshe Zeibert,